For the entire month of May 2012 my partner Andy and I went on a 6000 mile road trip starting and ending in Chicago, Illinois. We spent roughly  the first 2,500 miles on Route 66, ending at Santa Monica pier in California before continuing our journey up the Pacific Coast highway as far as San Francisco.

Then we headed East through Nevada, Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa before eventually finishing at our original starting point in Chicago.

We saw many, many new things and met many  people along the way. We laughed and sang our way across desert, between mountains, through cities and on mile after mile of empty and deserted roads.

We drank gallons of French vanilla coffee and took hundreds of photo’s.

It was the road trip of a lifetime and an experience I’ll never forget.

Andy died suddenly ten months later and therefore I would like to dedicate this blog to him.

God bless Andy xSONY DSC


3 responses

  1. Love the page!!! xx

  2. Good Luck to you both,im sure you will have the time of your lives.Keep us informed.
    Pete & Alison x

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